Community Wishlist Survey 2019/Notifications/Update Echo Notifications in real time without page reloads

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Update Echo Notifications in real time without page reloads

  • Problem: at the moment, if you are on a page and stay there, you don't know if you've received new notifications.

    This is particularly true when you are on your watchlist and use the "show me new changes" link: it reloads the content of your watchlist, but doesn't update the whole page. Since the watchlist is a gateway for a lot of users (AFAIK), you can stay a lot of time on that page without getting any notifications if you don't open a new page.

    It can also help you when you edit a page and someone leaves you a message about that page (cross-replies on talk pages, a new mention on a talk page you're editing, warn a new user about things to fix on a page they currently edit, etc.

  • Who would benefit: Everyone.
  • Proposed solution: Update Echo Notifications in real time without page reloads. Provide a way to opt-out if you don't want to be disturbed, temporarily (have a way to set when to refresh?) or anytime.
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  • Even though I get very few notifications, I have been in the situation described where I was pinged during an edit and I would have prefered to read the entry where I was pinged before completing the edit. Wholeheartedly support. — The preceding unsigned comment was added by PopularOutcast (talk)