Pesquisa de desejos da comunidade 2020/Resultados

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Aqui estão os resultados da pesquisa de desejos da comunidade – Agradecemos a todos que participaram este ano!

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Classificação Proposta Categoria Etiquetas Situação
1 Melhorar a exportação de livros eletrônicos Wikisource 89 T178803 Concluído
2 Nova ferramenta de reconhecimento óptico de caracteres Wikisource 65 T161978, T228594 Only partially resolved. An integral tool was desired, but another external tool was created instead.
3 Migrate Wikisource specific edit tools from gadgets to Wikisource extension Wikisource 62 Concluído
4 Inter-language link support via Wikidata Wikisource 60 T138332, T128173, T180304, T54971
Related: T236502
Only partially resolved by work done by Tpt as part of mw:Extension:Wikisource. For problems see mw:Extension talk:Wikisource The work has been deployed.
5 Insert attestation using Wikisource as a corpus Wikcionário 57 T139152, T157802 Not done We unfortunately ran out of time and were unable to work on this. It can be re-proposed in a future survey.
6 Index creation wizard Wikisource 51 T154413
Related: T17071
7 Creating a coordinate picker Wikivoyage 51
8 ContentTranslation work for Wikivoyage Wikivoyage 48 T106469, T105171
9 Template limits Wikisource 44 T123844
10 Display popups across wikis (interwiki popups) Wikilivros 43 T67117, T190549, T188871
11 Adopt Lingua Libre Bot service as a tool Wikcionário 40
12 Search in a lexicon Wikcionário 40
13 Improve workflow for uploading books to Wikisource Wikisource 38 T154413
14 EPUB generation Wikilivros 37
15 Transcluded book viewer with book pagination Wikisource 34
16 Display definitions from Wikisource dictionaries Wikcionário 34 T240191
17 Vertical display for classical Chinese content Wikisource 33
18 More Lua memory for Wiktionary Wikcionário 33 T188492
19 Special page "Nearby" should show an input form and coordinate picker when geolocation is deactivated Wikivoyage 30
20 Statistics for Wiktionaries Wikcionário 29
21 XTools Edit Counter for Wikisource Wikisource 28 T173012
22 "Add quote" button in the Visual Editor toolbar Wikiquote 26
23 Deletion of subpages Wikilivros 25 T236469
Related: T32893
24 Ajax editing of nsPage text Wikisource 25
25 What's in the newspaper today? Wikcionário 25
26 Export published WikiJournal articles to DOCX or PDF Wikiversidade 24
27 Transcluding Wikipedia complete article or section on wikiversity courses Wikiversidade 23
28 Context-dependent sort key Wikcionário 23 T183747
29 Repair search and replace in Page editing Wikisource 22 T183950, T198688, T212347
30 Permanent update of Wikivoyage nearby-articles data files necessary Wikivoyage 22 T203313
31 Multiple collations per site Wikcionário 22 T30397
32 Wikicode variables usable in and between templates Wikcionário 22
33 Project specific maths commands/macros Wikilivros 21
34 Simplify the interface Wikinotícias 21
35 Make content of Special:IndexPages up-to-date and available to wikicode Wikisource 20 Related: T207142
36 Generate thumbnails for large-format PDFs Wikisource 19 T151202
Related: T25326
37 Improve extraction of a text layer from PDFs Wikisource 19 Related: T219376, T230415
38 Offer PDF export of original pagination of entire books Wikisource 18 T179790
39 Fix the AddAudio script to upload audio to Commons seamlessly Wikcionário 18 T206942
40 memoRegex Wikisource 17
41 Autopopulate userpage starting info from ORCID Wikiversidade 17
42 Enable book2scroll that works for all Wikisources Wikisource 16 T205549
43 ProofreadPage extension in alternate namespaces Wikisource 16 T53980
44 UI improvements on Wikisource Wikisource 16
45 Simple structured input forms Wikiversidade 16 Related: T149869
46 Allow searching using ^ and $ anchors at least for intitle: searches Wikcionário 16
47 Change color of the interwiki link regarding to the content of the sections in the page Wikcionário 16 T150841
48 Better editing of transcluded pages Wikisource 15
49 Tools to easily localize content deleted at Commons Wikisource 15 T8071
Related: T214280
50 ContentTranslation for Wikiversity Wikiversidade 15
51 Inclusion of interactive Dimensions, Altmetrics, Crossref badges in pages Wikiversidade 15
52 Speed reading video option for wikiversity MOOCs Wikiversidade 15 T174393
53 Provide full translatability of the Cognate dashboard Wikcionário 15 T202613
54 Batch move API Wikisource 14 Related: T17071
55 Find more active users Wikcionário 14 T234798
56 Lexicographic knowledge as a service Wikcionário 14
57 Repair Book Uploader Bot Wikisource 13
58 Two options for displaying categories Wikcionário 13
59 Sections reorder tools Wikcionário 12
60 References client in the toolbar Wikiquote 11
61 Repair Index finder Wikisource 10 T232710
62 Export pages as JATS-compliant XML Wikiversidade 10
63 PROGRESS REPORT Feature Wikiversidade 10
64 Activate templatestyles by Index page css field Wikisource 9 T226275, T215165
65 Ability to change the license listed at the bottom of the page Wikiversidade 8
66 Sample skins for presentations Wikiversidade 8
67 Create memory games for words in watchlist Wikcionário 8
68 Fix rev parent id for some specific revisions Wikiquote 7 T38976, T223342
69 improve external link Wikisource 7
70 Add Google's view in 3D to Wikispecies pages Wikiespécies 7
71 Add breadcrumb/breadcrumb trail (graphical control element) Wikcionário 7
72 Reorganize the Wikisource toolbar Wikisource 6

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