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Community Wishlist Survey 2021/Editing/Include "This is a minor edit" box in mobile editing

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Include "This is a minor edit" box in mobile editing

  • Problem: When one edits a page in mobile view using the MobileFrontend extension, no checkbox is provided for marking the edit as a minor edit.
  • Who would benefit: Everyone
  • Proposed solution: When editing a page in mobile view, include the "This is a minor edit" box.
  • More comments:
  • Phabricator tickets: T123694
  • Proposer: GeoffreyT2000 (talk) 20:35, 16 November 2020 (UTC)[reply]


  • Why? I mean, I think there have been more calls to remove the 'minor edit' than to add it to mobile, where it almost never applies anyway just based on how much vandalism happens from mobile. --Izno (talk) 21:51, 16 November 2020 (UTC)[reply]
    I'm not sure if not supporting the feature for a subset of mobile users (seems like it's partially supported) is a good approach, though. If it's not being removed from MediaWiki, I think it makes sense to properly support it on mobile (especially given that it's apparently available in the mobile visual editor). Perhaps it could be hidden with CSS on a case-by-case basis, or the ability to mark edits as minor could be a separate user right if it is/becomes a major problem for vandalism. Hazard-SJ (talk) 05:16, 13 December 2020 (UTC)[reply]
  • I've noticed this missing. Yes, lots of vandalism happens from mobile, but discriminating against users by platform doesn't seem appropriate. I'd like to see this done. {{u|Sdkb}}talk 02:39, 17 November 2020 (UTC)[reply]
  • As someone who enjoys making gnomic/minor edits, and who sometimes edits on a mobile device, I like this idea. Noahfgodard (talk) 05:10, 17 November 2020 (UTC)[reply]
+1 to this! --Slashme (talk) 21:53, 21 November 2020 (UTC)[reply]