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Community Wishlist Survey 2022/Results/Miscellaneous

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Here are the results of the Community Wishlist Survey for the Miscellaneous category – thanks to everyone who participated this year!

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Rank Proposal Tickets
1 Allow filtering of WhatLinksHere to remove links from templates 106 T301648
2 Enhanced Move Logs 96 T66184, T152829
3 Check if a page exists without populating WhatLinksHere 89 T14019, T268526
Related: T297055
4 Get WhatLinksHere's lists in alphabetical order 74
5 Automatically log in to all projects if you are logged in to one 62 T217519, T226797
Related: T257853, T257852, T256525, T257803
6 Global signatures 54 T188200
7 Show edit count at Special:Contributions 54 Related: T32353, T213110, T278506
8 Enable wiki URL changes 49 T172035
Related: T30443
9 Include section links in WhatLinksHere 48 T18561
10 Users should have the ability to directly report a bug, from the user interface 45 Related: T111112
11 Add "yearly" as an optional date type to the Pageviews Analysis 42
12 Kartographer icon improvements 40 T145475, T141304, T131618, T141715
13 Support more OSM relation types in Extension:Kartographer 34 T156433
14 Automated "Top Viewed Articles" list on main page 31
15 Show nearby or related articles in maps 30 Related: T90645, T188291
16 Fix export at wikibooks to PDF, MOBI, ... 29
17 Enable redirects for Lua modules 28 T120794
18 Improve plain-text change tag selector 25 T27909, T23383
19 Eye icon when creating an account or logging in 24
20 Improve WikiHiero 20
21 Structured user pages 18 Related: T173145
22 The "tag name" on the change line should link directly to "tagged changes" 18 Related: T301063
23 simple export of SpecialPages 16 T248440
24 Allow to batch expensive queries 13 T278629
25 Poll Yes and No (on talk pages) 11
26 Centralized Incident Management 11 Related: T280, T88136
27 Create 'Related changes' tool that extends beyond 30 days 11
28 Create universal routinformationcode for railways, roads, etc in Wikidata 11
29 Centralization of interwiki links 10
30 Graph showing which articles link to each other for incubator 10
31 What is really done by the team of the Wikipedia Library with partner suggestions 10 Related: T240166
32 Wikiversity Seminars 9
33 Add an option to switch between user accounts 8 Related: T16409
34 Allow Users to Add Their Own Personal Notes to a Page 7
35 add MW messages to content pages 7 T151682
Related: T201613, T6469
36 Article ratings 6
37 Be able to find the largest edits of a user on XTools 5
38 Shared talk page section for related articles 3
39 Allow to see newcomers edits when they ask question 2 Related: T300630