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Community Wishlist Survey 2022/Results/Mobile and apps

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Here are the results of the Community Wishlist Survey for the Mobile and apps category – thanks to everyone who participated this year!

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Rank Proposal Tickets
1 Show editnotices on mobile 85 T201595
2 Table sorting on mobile 83 T233340
3 Categories in mobile app 80 T73966, T153980
4 Full page editing 67 T203151
5 Interlanguage linking from a mobile browser 41
6 Better warning display for mobile users 28 Related: T295910
7 Alert View 26
8 Watchlist in app 22
9 Floating table of content on mobile web view 21
10 Pending changes reviewing on mobile 18
11 Load images in metered networks only on demand 13 T236637
12 Simplify uploading on Commons mobile app 12
13 Search within article on iOS app 9 T292471
14 Option to select non-Javascript editor on Mobile Web 8 T205778
Related: T299658
15 Links from history page in mobile advanced mode 7
16 Accepting donations from mobile apps 5
17 Fix throbber problem on mobile view 5 T299536, T299538

Results of Mobile and Apps Wishlists for 2022


The Community Wishlist Survey 2022/Mobile and apps have been one of the most valuable resources that we used to work for updates in the apps team at the foundation and in generating new features.

We successfully completed these wishes and turned them into existing features:

  • Alert View.
We improved notification discoverability, and you can check this ticket T285765 for the full details and how just this umbrella ticket contained an enormous number of tasks.
Also, you can find all the updates related to facilitating communication on MediaWiki here.
  • Full page editing.
In other words, add a button to the top of the page that allows users to edit the whole page.
The work is done for the Android app version T103622 and still going on for the iOS T203151.
  • Search within an article on the iOS app.
To allow the user using the iOS app to search for a word within an article T292471.
  • Fixed throbber problem on apps.
On some pages containing graphs, when viewed in the Android app, the loading wheel continuously spins, does not go away, and looks broken in the iOS app; both were resolved T277375&T299538.
  • Add table sorting to mobile web is considered as improving the moderating tools; check how it works through the attached GIF in this ticket T233340.

Also, we partially completed the next:

This will facilitate the editing process by knowing essential information, from requirements or adding entries to list articles to ArbCom revert rules and discretionary sanctions.
Already been completed for the Android app, and the iOS team is working on it T201595.
  • Providing a watchlist in the app.
This will provide a watchlist (synchronized with a web watchlist) for users, letting them watch/unwatch the current article T264010.
Completed for the Android app and still working for the iOS.
  • Categories in the app.
Display the categories a page belongs to and allow readers to browse those categories T73966.
Completed for the Android app and still working for the iOS.
  • Accepting donations from mobile apps.
Many users have requested this feature, and it’s being discussed with the fundraising team to make it the perfect way of work and will be allowed for the iOS app first.
  • Load images in metered networks only on demand.
This allows the load on demand of images (configurable) if on a metered connection T236637.
  • Also, checking when the option to select a non-Javascript editor on mobile web is doable, as this requires adding a switch that allows user to change their preferred editor interface on the mobile web T205778.