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Community Wishlist Survey 2022/Wikisource/New search tool using informations from Index pages

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New search tool using informations from Index pages

  • Problem: The search tool on Wikisource works the same way as the Wikipedia one: I mean, it suggests only pages whose title is exactly the request, and gives as results a list of pages containing every word of the request. However, on Wikisource, users commonly want to find a text thanks to its title or its author: for example, they search "Chats Fleurs du mal" or "Chats Baudelaire" to find Baudelaire's poem "Les Chats" published in the Fleurs du Mal, but whose transclusion is named "Les Fleurs du mal/1857/Les Chats". For very famous textes, like this one, a network of redirections enables to find them even if their title is not included in the name of their transclusion; but it is time- and human resources-consuming. It would be smarter if the search tool used not the whole text of pages, but just the information included in the header template (which often comes from the Index: page), namely Author, Title, Subtitle, Editor, Translator, Publisher, etc. Continuing with the same example, the header template of the transclusion contains the informations that the page is called "Les Chats", the author is "Charles Baudelaire" and the book is untitled "Les Fleurs du mal".
  • Proposed solution: Create another search tool for Wikisource, which use the information included in the header templates or the Index: pages to find results. This search tool may also be declined in an advanced search tool, enabling users to search by title, by author, by date of publication, etc., like in a library catalogue.
  • Who would benefit: Readers (and contributors who create redirections)
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  • Proposer: ElioPrrl (talk) 13:51, 13 January 2022 (UTC)[reply]