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Community health initiative/Interaction Timeline/Planning for communication and training

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Communication about Interaction Timeline[edit]

  1. Posts to Community health initiative/Interaction Timeline discussion pages on Meta and ENWP about the completion of Version 1.
  2. Contact participants in the discussions on both wikis to invite to use tool.
  3. Announcement post on Meta Forum, ENWP VP/M, ENWP WP:AN.
  4. Announcement post on Facebook Wikipedia Weekly
  5. Blog posts; one for a general "how this tool can be used" and second one for the technical build, how people can use the API in their own projects, and how people can contribute to the Timeline.
  6. Learning pattern

Training on use of Interaction timeline[edit]

  1. Casestudies
  2. On wiki training material
  3. Presentation slides
    1. Upload to Commons
  4. Training sessions
  5. Training Dashboard module add on

Training sessions[edit]

  • Google hangout: Week of April 30, 2018
  • In person at events: Wikimania