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Community health initiative/Partial blocks/Multi-blocks

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This page documents a feature the Wikimedia Foundation's Anti-Harassment Tools team may build. Development of this feature has not been decided or prioritized.

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It has been requested that with the addition of Partial Blocks we introduce the ability to allow administrators to set multiple overlapping blocks for the same user account or IP address. This work is not prioritized by the Wikimedia Foundation for development, but may be in the future if a strong need emerges.



In addition to the ability to set more granular types of blocks, wiki communities and administrators will be able to set multiple overlapping blocks against users and IPs with different expiration dates. This will be useful in situation such as:

  • User:Apples has been indefinitely blocked from editing Neptune. They then receive a 24 hour full-site block. When the full site block expires, they should continue to be blocked from Neptune.
  • User:Bananas is indefinitely blocked from editing Mars and from editing Venus until 2025. An admin wants to block them from Saturn for one month.
  • After User:Carrots has violated a wiki policy, an admin wants to set both an indefinite block against Pluto and a 24-hour sitewide block at the same time, without having to write a self-reminder to update the block.


Workflow 1 — Set a sitewide block against a vandal
Workflow 2 — An admin wants to see a user's other blocks
Workflow 3 — An admin wants to set a new block by going directly to Special-Block