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A project which seeks to start a developer community on the African continent and to encourage more developers to volunteer for the Wikimedia movement

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Creation of new AWMD group on connect[edit]

We can get in touch with other AWMD developers and connect with other Wikimedians interested in writing code for Wikimedia. Get in touch with us here as well :). For AWMD specific questions, drop them here and we'll definitely give you an answer! Let's together build a knowledge base for AWMD so AWMD new-comers will have resources to get them started.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)[edit]

A list of all frequently asked questions and their answers will be listed here and if the list is too long, there will be a link to a sub-page here on connect with all the questions and their answers. Please ask your questions :).

Q1. What is AWMD?

A1. AWMD stands for Africa Wikimedia Developers and it's a project to build a poll of African Developers around Wikimedia projects. Here is a link to AWMD page on MediaWiki: Read there for more information.

Q2. How to contribute to Wikimedia as a volunteer developer?

A2. If you're wondering how to contribute to Wikimedia as a developer, see this: How to contribute. This cover various areas of possible contributions such as; Web APIs, Software Testing etc. Make good use of that documentation as it has some great pointers.

There are also many starter docs that can be seen as far has which project you can start contributing to such as;

Q3. What is/are the fastest place(s) to contact AWMD volunteer developers?

A3. There are 2 places; Our mailing list and/or our IRC channel(#wikimedia-dev-africa).

Add yourself

  • Flixtey

    Hey there, contact me on what you wish to know about the AWMD project. I have been a member of this noble movement for the past 6 years, I am very passionate about interventions on the African continent and I hail from Ghana.

  • Zppix

    Hello I am one of AWMD's Volunteer mentors from United States.

  • African Hope

    Hello, I am software developer and Open-source enthusiast. Been volunteering in Wikimedia projects since 2008 from Côte d'Ivoire.

  • Eugene233

    Hello, I am software developer who is passionate about innovative ideas used in solving basic community issues.