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Just as for the online resource, the offline versions of Wikimedia content are only as strong as their contents. The main constraint with an offline product is the data size restrictions: the entirety of Wikipedia (and/or other Wikimedia projects) must somehow be condensed so that it fits on a CD, DVD, or USB stick which then has to be housed on a computer, mobile phone, or e-reader. The goal of carefully selecting content, then, is to provide the best and most appropriate static content.

The goal is:

To provide a library of the highest quality and most relevant offline content collections.

This implies having content options most relevant for the different offline audiences. Many factors must be taken into consideration, including

  1. Language
  2. Culture
  3. Location/geography
  4. Article complexity

Want to create your own custom offline collection? See:

Current wiki projects[edit]

The following languages are working on creating offline files for some subset of the Wikimedia projects.

Language Project type Project name Project status
English General collection Wikipedia 1.0 0.8 completed; waiting for 1.0 update 2011
English Schools collection Wikipedia for Schools 2008-09 version completed; waiting for the updated 2011
English Schools collection Offline Wikipedia for Indian Schools under progress
Spanish General collection Wikipedia 1.0 Est. August release date; for articles see ToolServer
Portuguese Schools Collection Ongoing! Project Page; List of articles
French General collection Wikipédia:1.0
German General collection
Polish General collection
Hebrew Total collection
Tamil General collection
Malayalam (Wikipedia) General collection of selected articles Wikipedia 1.0 Released on 2010 April 17
Malayalam (Wikisource) General collection of selected books Wikisource 1.0 Released on 2011 June 11
Malayalam (Wikisource) General collection of selected books Wikisource 2.0 Released on 2013 Coctober 14

In addition to these aggregate selections, there is also need and room for the selection of niche collections: e.g., the creation of articles regarding to Chemistry, India, etc. Some of these are accessible by the independent creation of books via the PediaPress book extension tool on Wikipedia. These creations are independent projects and can be found at Wikipedia:Books.

General Instructions[edit]

General steps to completion

Select eligible articles / topics U+25BA.svg Identify best WikiVersion U+25BA.svg Final review articles and classifications U+25BA.svg Convert to offline format & compile index U+25BA.svg Release to public
  • Review broadest scope of content
  • Rate articles on quality and importance
  • Create WikiProjects for each division of the content necessary
  • WikiProjects to verify indexes of articles within projects
  • WikiProjects to verify quality of articles
  • Create bot to appropriately rate article veracity throughout time (e.g., WikiTrust)
  • Automatically select most recent high-quality / non-vandalized article for selected articles
  • Establish other avenues of validation (e.g., manual labor / crowd-sourcing)
  • Update article categorizations automatically, based on WikiProjects proposals
  • [Optional] Expert/manual review of index and classifications
  • Information Specialists to review the compilations of indexes to ensure comprehensiveness and accuracy
  • Review collection and/or pieces of the collection with relevant local education specialists
  • Convert to openZIM
  • Pull in Index integrated with Reader Kiwix
  • Verify legality
  • Publish on Wikipedia offline content library
  • [Optional] Prepare media releases
  • Distribute to appropriate audiences (install in computers, e.g.)
Tech steps:
  • Run Quality bot to select
Send page IDs to CSV feed
  • WikiTrust selects best version of the articles
Sends table with Revision IDs back to the Toolserver doing article selection
  • Tool converts HTML to openZIM

General Library of contents[edit]

  • By language
  • By subject
  • By purpose (e.g., for schools)

Content creation support materials[edit]

Wikipedia for Schools[edit]

The Schools Content project page shows the list of articles included in the distribution, and provides a workspace for suggestions for adding articles.

Excluded articles[edit]

Some articles are excluded from the collection as they are non-appropriate / essential for schools. A list of such articles intentionally excluded by OLPC can be seen here:


Wikipedia Book Creator[edit]

Created in partnership with PediaPress, the Wikipedia Book Creator enables users to easily select specific articles from Wikipedia and create a book. This "book" can then be downloaded for free in PDF or openZIM format, or for a fee the content can be ordered as a physical book.

See Book Creator on Wikipedia for more information or to create a book. All collections are available for offline, openZIM download in the Offline Repository.