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Content Partnerships Hub

Improving the Wikimedia movement’s work with content partners

One of the intentions with the Thematic hub is to open up for more parts of the movement to engage in work with content and partnerships. One way of ensuring this is to form an Expert Committee to the Helpdesk.

The Committee will be able to define a more detailed scope and arrangement for itself. Fundamentally, the scope of the Committee is however to provide guidance and guidelines around what to prioritize, when it comes to for example batch uploads. As hub governance is still an uncharted territory the Committee’s early work will itself provide insights into the continuous development of the Movement Charter.

There will be hard, complex and strategic issues to think about when the work with the content starts. What types of content are most important? Is it more important to get a large reach, or to fill gaps? Should we prioritize large uploads, in terms of quantity? Or should we prioritize important uploads, in terms of quality?

The Expert Committee will be empowered to take the decisions on what to prioritize. This will be done in relation to the concrete requests to the Thematic hub through the Helpdesk.

You can reach the committee by emailing expertcommittee(_AT_)wikimedia(_DOT_)se.


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