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Copyright Workshop, New Delhi (1-2 September 2018)

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CIS-A2K and Punjabi Wikimedians co-organized this workshop for Punjabi community on 1-2 September 2018.

Event details[edit]

  • Dates: 1-2 September 2018
  • Venue: CIS office

B-1, Kharera, Hauz Khasr

  • City: New Delhi 110016
  • Etherpad: [1]
  • Status: Completed



Yann and Jayantanath

The participants were

  1. User:Satpal Dandiwal
  2. User:Stalinjeet Brar
  3. User:ਨਿਸ਼ਾਨ ਸਿੰਘ ਵਿਰਦੀ
  4. User:Wikilover90
  5. User:Gurlal Maan
  6. User:Dugal harpreet
  7. User:Satdeep Gill


Day 1
  • Copyrights on Wikimedia Commons
  • Copyrights related to published works
  • Commons related tools
  • Fair-use rationale on local wiki
  • Image errors
Day 2
  • Punjabi Wikisource
  • Better understanding of Wikisource
  • Understanding what type of books can be uploaded
  • LocalUpload on PaWikisource Done



The first day of the event began with an introduction of Yann by Titodutta and a presentation was given by Yann on the subject of copyrights on commons. For example, one thing from this presentation is that generally, no permission needed to upload pictures of public figures. Meanwhile, the remaining participants also gave their own induction. The questions and answers continued during this presentation. For example, talk about uploading movies and uploading different types of pictures. Punjabi community enabled latest Upload Wizard for Punjabi Wikipedia. Another thing happened on this day was the discussion about CropTool and LocatorTool, that how to use these tools on commons. The conversation about licensing has been very good, that how licensing of Wikimedia Commons is used. In essence, this day was centred on copyright issues in Wikimedia Commons.


This day was about copyrights in Wikisource. It started with the introduction of Jayantanth. Jayantanth came to give training of copyrights related issues on Punjabi Wikisource, that how to solve them. Pages without scans were checked on Punjabi Wikisource. It was also noticed that there is no author namespace on Punjabi Wikisource. One important thing happened that the wikimedians of Punjab saw the local file uploader for the first time. They did not know about it before, that we can upload some files on local file uploader of Punjabi Wikisource. In addition, there was the talk of licensing continued, that which license is used for which purpose. Yann shared his experiences and told about French Wikisource. Jayantanth also showed the statistics of Indian languages Wikisources. In the end, a book was given to Yann as thanks by the Punjabi Wikimedians.


Group Photo