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  1. Before you can request access, you must register your nickname and log in.
  2. Type "/nick theusernameyouwantgoeshere" to switch to that username,
    register by typing "/msg nickserv register yourpassword youremail".
    To keep your email address private, type: "/msg nickserv set hidemail on"
    To keep others from using your name while you're offline, type: "/msg nickserv set enforce on"
    In the future, you must login by typing "/msg nickserv identify yourpasswordgoeshere" (some clients can do this automatically when you connect).
  3. List your name in the format shown under "Request Queue" below. Use {{/Name|Example}} to produce Example (talk · contribs · user creation · block log · SUL · global contribs), and sign using ~~~~. Unconfirmed users cannot speak in the channel.
  4. Join #countervandalismconnect, and say "!staff I am wiki [[User:YOURUSERNAME]], and I'd like to request voice for #cvn-CHANNELHERE". This way you notify channel operators that you'd like to request access. Please be patient; sometimes no operator is available.