Datafest 2014 Day2

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Friday is where we start getting into some work, with a mixture of talks and lessons. Half Conference half Unconference. We have two small conference rooms that hold 50 people each, we schedule the time for talks in the morning in the conference rooms and look for presentations in the afternoon from the delegates. This will be the day that each of our organisations gives their keynote talks about their groups.


Organisational room plan for room on 5th floor of Alwyn Williams building Glasgow University
  • Conference Room 1
  • Conference Room 2
  • Large room for teaching and learning, lightning talks, answering questions. In this room we have two projectors, one wall for posting information about yourself. We will have the tables in the room numbered. This means that you can book a table as an impromptu meeting place for talks,teaching or networking. There is no time limit
    • This room is split into six areas. During the conference these areas can be claimed by signing up for the area on the wall chart provided
  • Small Room opposite the two conference Rooms for quieter conversations, We would like to use the guideline that this should be used in half hour blocks.
  • Open Area outside the two Conference rooms for relaxing


This timetable gives an outline for the day.

Lunch and Coffees[edit]

Lunch and Coffees will be split into two places in the Open Area and the Large Room to make it easier for the large numbers of people

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