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Report of 2020 Meetup in Hyderabad, February 2020[edit]

We met on 15th February 2020 at a Iqbal Academy, Hyderabad. The object of this meeting was to discuss incorporating Urdu Wikipedia workshop and awareness in the upcoming South India Urdu Conference in Calicut in April 2020.


Sr.No Username Name City State
1 User:Drcenjary Dr Ataullah Cenjary Calicut Kerala
2 User:Faismeen (formerly User:Hmfs.ind) Faisal Anas Jaipur Rajasthan
3 User:Hindustanilanguage Syed Muzammiluddin Hyderabad Telangana


Urdu Wikipedians meet up at Iqbal Academy, Hyderabad in February 2020. In the pic: Faisal Anas (near the bookshelf), Dr Ataullah Cenjary (window) and Syed Muzammiluddin.

Discussed things :

  • South India Urdu Conference.
  • Holding Urdu Wikipedia Workshop at the event.
  • Creating awareness of Urdu Wikipedia at the event.
  • Exploration of possible outreach efforts under the banner of Dehalvi Wikimedia User Group.
  • Exploration of possible of Urdu departments of different universities.
  • Planning student outreach programmes.