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Digify Africa edit-a-thon

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WikimediaZA has partnered with Digify Africa to run an edit workshop where participants will create Wikipedia articles about South African content. The activities will comprise of translating existing content from the English Wikipedia to small language South African Wikipedias. This will be run as a writing competition with Winning prizes including:


  • First prize: Laptop
  • Second prize: Tablet
  • Third prize: Book voucher

Winners will be announce during the graduation ceremony of Digify Africa which will take pace on 31 August 2021.

How to participate


This competition is to encourage students and teachers from Digify Africa to edit Wikipedia, therefore in order for one to participate they need to be a student or staff from digify Africa and must register their username on this [Africa Writing Competition Dashboard].

Criterion for winning the competition


Participants will have to meet the following criterion in order to win the prize:

  • Write atleast 100 words on an article
  • Link article to other Wikipedia articles
  • Reference article
  • Article has headings and subheadings
  • Article has categories

NB: this criterion doesn't only apply to new articles created but also applies to edits contributed to already existing articles.

List of the articles to be edited and translated can be seen below


Articles to be edited can be found on the links below, however, you can add more notable topics that are of interest to you so that we create the Wikipedia page on that topic. This can be any of any notable subject topic, we however encourage participants to choose African related topics, this can be entertainment, science, botany, history etc.