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Division of roles[edit]

Principal Wikimedia Providing the assignment
Technical advisor Arjan van Krimpen Providing knowledge regarding the technical aspects of the assignment
Mentor Ad Aerts Guiding the internship
Student Mark Bergsma Accomplishing the internship assignment
Writing the internship report


Internship start date: Monday July 25th 2005
Internship end date: Tuesday November 22th 2005
Total hours: 560


Week Task Hours
1 Write task description, write time plan, read literature. 32
2 Wikimania conference. Discuss software requirements and other aspects with fellow developers. Drink beer. 32
3 Finalize Software Requirements (SR), read bibliography 32
4-9 Define three architectural models, discuss their (dis)advantages and possibly write a small prototype and do some measurements. 192
4 Model 1
6 Model 2
8 Model 3
10-15 Design and implement the system. 192
10 Write Architectural Design (AD), including component diagrams, deployment diagrams, class diagrams.
12 Implement the system. Write Design Document (DD).
15 Testing.
16-17 16 Additional RUP iterations for new insights, optional features, or to be used as extra time. 64
18 Finalize internship report. 16
Total 560

This schedule is time boxed, i.e. if a deadline of a certain subtask is not met, the project will continue with the next task anyway, if possible.