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The idea[edit]

Dear diversity enthusiasts,

at the Wikimedia Diversity Conference 2013 in Berlin we all felt that it is necessary to keep the discussion going, exchange our experience with working in the field of Diversity and make future plans together.

Therefore we would like to kick-off a series of Google Hangouts together with you!

Upcoming Dates[edit]

The next Hangout will take place on tuesday the 15th of July 17.00 GTM +1. (if the time zone is confusing for you - the hangout is scheduled at 6pm Berlin time. If you would like an reminder, just sent an e-mail to merle.wittich[at]wikimedia.de and you will receive an email-invitation via google calender.

Via this link you find the Google Hangout: [1]

The dialogue should be used to talk about the upcoming Wikimania. Netha would like to talk with you about a meetup about Diversity at the Wikimania.

Also it would be a good opportunity to talk about interesting sessions and talks in London. So take a look at the programme and be prepared to give and receive recommendations about it.

From WMDE Sebastian Horndasch and Valtin Münscher who will both travel to the Wikimania will attend this hangout and are looking forward to see you.

Outdated Doodle Poll[edit]

Dear Diversity Enthusiasts, some time has passed since the first Google Hangout. In this hangout we discussed, that it would be nice to continue the Dialogue with a recurring, permanent date, but also offer two hangouts at two different days and times. This should make it easier for people to attend from different time zones and the permanent date should make scheduling for everybody easier.

Therefore you find here a Doodle Link with possible dates for the hangout in June. You can choose dates in the first week of June and in the third week of June. Our proposal would be, that we all together decide on a day and time in the first week and in the third week of June and that those days/times are used again in July and August. Every Hangout would be hosted by a different person, who feels responsible to moderate the calls if necessary.

Previous Dialogues[edit]

The first hangout took place on 14th of April. 19.00 GMT+1 The Doodle poll for this hangout was closed on 16th of March: http://doodle.com/ua6erh7p72z53ft2

In the first hangout we mostly discussed in which way the Diversity Dialogue should be continued. You find the minutes here.

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