Documenting Delhi Heritage

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Documenting Delhi Heritage is a seven days marathon photo scavenger hunt, held in the city Delhi, India. This has been planned from 1st October 2018 to 7th October and Photowalk has been done on a Daily basis. The heritage walk would be started at 8:00 AM each morning till sunset and assembly point for each day would be different. The main purpose of this consecutive seven days photo walks is to photograph lesser known places or known heritages of Delhi, which photos are not available or available in Wikimedia Commons. Anyone can participate in this event, regardless of photographic ability, and whether or not they are a Wikimedian. I am concentrating on increasing the conversion rate of only relevant photos uploaded to Wikimedia Commons so that photos can be used in existing Wikipedia articles which need pictures, also the possibility of creating new articles from the photos as many important monuments has no photos in Wikimedia Commons earlier.

Event Dates

  • Dates - 1st October to 7th October 2018.
  • Time - 8:00 am (IST) Everyday till Sunset.
  • Place of Assembly - Varies Daily Delhi.

Event Co-ordinator


  • Self-funded