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Draft Guiding principles with regards to funds distribution

From Meta, a Wikimedia project coordination wiki

So if there are several options for the future of funds distribution. What guiding principles do we think are important to judge these options?

  • Stable framework. The solution should provide a model within which each entity can carry out financial planning to ensure that their activities are sustainable.
  • Impact. Funds should be allocated in ways that support mission work, agnostic with regard to where the money was raised.
  • Transparency and objectivity. Decisions are made with transparent guidelines, and the process is transparent.
  • Decentralized program activities. The solution needs to support the movement commitment to a decentralized method of furthering our mission (Note that this doesn't have to mean decentralized fundraising)
  • Flexibility. The solution might be a "combination of solutions" for different situations.
  • Funds need to be disseminated in a way that enables the Wikimedia movement to confidently assure donors that their donations will be safeguarded appropriately, and that spending will be in line with our mission and with the messages used to attract donors.
  • Equality. The Wikimedia movement is a partnership of equals. Different entities have different needs and capabilities, and therefore should be treated differently, but any differences in treatment should be justified by the differences in needs and capabilities.
  • Collaboration. The decision making process is collaborative and open, and respects the diverse and international nature of the Wikimedia movement.