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On this page we are attempting to draft mission statements for draft organizations capable of supporting excellent wikipedia clones in the long term. See mission statement on wikipedia if it exists. I will check and insert a link here after checking the cross link direcions.

Current wikipedia.com mission statement:  ?? Need to look around for this, anybody that knows please insert here.

Community governed Nonprofit (Gnome Foundation Members may have excellent insight they can share if any of them participate here or any wikipedian enclyclopediasts also participate there.)

Draft mission statements:

The Freepedia Foundation uses tailored wiki collaboration techniques implemented via GPL licensed software to organize contributions received from anonymous and member contributors under a GNU FDL license to publish no charge free encyclopedias via the internet.

Freepedia facilates collaborative effort of internet volunteers and professional experts to deliver free encyclopedia services to the world via the internet.

Philanthropic sponsored community

Draft mission statement: Use the resources donated to effectively collaborate online with random contributions from the public and steady development and contribution by active self identified project members (the community) in the development and delivery of a free online encyclopedia. Free defined as .........

Commercial Sponsor of an online encyclopedia community.

To develop and deliver a high quality free encyclopedia to the public by using voluntary donated (free) labor to reduce the vast initial startup costs of such an endeaver while planning and learning how to maximize revenues and eventual profits for the benefit of all stakeholders (owners, contributors, users, suppliers, etc.) in the enterprise.

The community shall have a voice in the project management as follows .......... Public discussion on the project metawiki, project mailing lists, or other designated forum until a consenus can be achieved subject to veto, preemptive action, or arbitrary reversal by the first among equal owner when necessary to protect community and owner interests.

Commercial Sponsor of online R&D Community

Mission statement: Learn how to successfully organize and apply large quantities of free voluntary labor donated at random and personal whim primarily via the internet to create a useful knowledge base useful to the public at large and professional encyclopediasts in delivering valuable content to the public in a variety of forms, products and services ranging in price from free to whatever the market will bear. Use the GPL and FDL to assure fair equal access to the common knowledge base thus created by contributors (of resources: labor, equipment, capital, intellectual property, cash), to all potential suppliers and customers. This will provide a near ideal free market for the encyclopedia or knowledge base placed in the commmons. Assuring maximum productivity and benefit to all parties per classic virtues of free market capitalism.

Other Categories?

Philanthropic Sponsor of R&D

Government R&D Grant