ESEAP Conference 2018/Program/Wikimedia 2030 Movement Strategy

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  • Venus Lui
  • Kaarel Vaidla (Strategy Process Architect)
Length (min)


Audience / Target group

Everyone is welcome!

Session Format

Short Presentation + Discussion Workshop


Short presentation of the Phase I and Strategic Direction, followed by a discussion about what the strategic direction means in the regional context for the local communities. We will be mapping ideas and see, if any clusters will form and then discuss what resonates most with the ESEAP communities. This information will be used as an input for Strategy Process Working Groups that will be formed.

Desired Outcome
  • Participants will understand better how the strategic direction fits their work on local and regional level
  • Participants will understand better how to collaborate to move towards the strategic direction
  • Mapping of challenges and opportunities of the region in the context of the strategic direction that will also serve as input for Phase II strategic discussions in Working Groups


Venus' presentation

  • Wikimedia Foundation has spent 9 months collecting opinions from the Wikimedia communities about movement strategy
  • The results are used to form WMF Strategic direction: SERVICE AND EQUITY
  • By 2030 Wikimedia will use
    • Knowledge as service: Wikimedia will be a platform that serves open knowledge to the world, across interfaces and communities
    • Knowledge Equity: Wikimedia will focus on minority group, such as the diverse languages groups in Asia
  • Venus’ role in the Phase 1: building and documenting the network of volunteers on the Chinese Wikipedia community
  • Outcome: The Chinese Wikipedia community would like to do outreach program, get more resources, and build collaborations and relationships with other chapter and usergroups
  • The question remain: Is it possible for chapters and usergroups in the ESEAP region to achieve the Wikimedia strategic direction accordingly?
  • What’s next? Phase II will be transforming movement to better support the communities

Kaarel's presentation

  • The big question: What’s for the next 15 years
  • The main answer: STRATEGY MATTERS.
  • Kaarel stressed that the inputs and voices of the communities and volunteers matters a lot. "Your input matters, your voice need to be heard. It is a movement strategy. We need to build the strategy together."
  • Discussion sessions (in a group consisted of 4-5 people)
    • How well do you know STRATEGIC DIRECTION?
    • How long have been involved with Wikimedia Movement?
    • What does STRATEGIC DIRECTION mean for your community?
    • Who are we? Who do we consist of?
  • The answers:
    • The most important thing for the movement: Cohesive community who would contribute timely and relevant content.
    • Athikhun’s group: Now most people understand Wikipedia just as an website that can be edited by anyone. In 15 years, people need to understand more about the Wikimedia movement to be able to contribute more.
    • Ravi’s group: People need more support to promote the movement in their region. We need to serve audience as wide as possible and explore other languages, other topics, other projects.
  • What resonated most with you in this discussion?
    • Anirudh: Wikipedia as the essential infrastructure for free knowledge. Wikimedia is multinational
    • Liang: Many underrepresented knowledge across the world, which might not be available in an encyclopedia form such as oral histories, urban legends, and folklores, need to be included
    • Athikhun: Through the dynamics and changes around us, Wikimedia movement need to be able to keep up to the flood of information (content-wise)
  • Important keywords: Transforming transformation!
  • Open call to join the establishment of movement strategy will be sent next week as a way to continue the discussion online.
  • Do not forget, what can we do regionally is also important.