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ESEAP Preparatory Council/Process

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Next meeting (conference): May 9, 2024

This communique is to document the process for informing and reaching consensus for the method of creating a time-bound Preparatory Council, to conclude in the ESEAP Conference in May 2024.

The Preparatory Council

  • The Council consists of 9 seats, of which 4 seats of the 9 are comprised by members of Affcom-recognized Affiliates in the ESEAP region, who shall be voted exclusively among the Affiliates; and 3 Council seats to be be comprised by members from verified ESEAP-specific Communities and language projects, likewise to be exclusively voted by the Communities. Furthermore, there will be 2 seats available for self-nomination by Individuals, to be voted on by Popular Vote (all Individual voters). These variances are particular to the Preparatory Council election process.
  • After the results are announced, the new Preparatory Council will immediately convene.
  • The Preparatory Council will have a time-bound mandate to officiate and author policies until the next ESEAP Conference in 2024.
  • The Preparatory Council will continue the work of the Interim Hub Committee, focusing on community consultation, and completing documentation with the Roles & Responsibilities document as the priority. The Theory of Change document should be the core document as basis for the Grant Plan and application. Developing a Learning Plan for the first year to identify reflection points and key questions may also serve as the framework for a sustainable Strategy presentation.
  • The documents are to be finalised by the Preparatory Council, but not to be actioned or put into operation. This means the Preparatory Council will not employ Hub staff, take on projects, or agree to work pieces, as this will be the role of the permanent governance roles who will be elected by the next ESEAP Conference 2024.
  • If the Preparatory Council submits a Grant plan successfully to receive funding, the funds will be held until the election of the formal governance roles (by ESEAP Conference 2024) who will have a mandate to formally put the Grant plan into action.
  • Being on the Preparatory Council will not exclude someone from being elected to the formal governance roles by the next ESEAP Conference 2024.

Affiliate process for Affiliate seats[edit]

  • The 4 Affiliate seats will be exclusively voted by the ESEAP Affiliates themselves.
  • Affiliates are defined as either chapters or user groups recognized by the Affiliations Committee; as follows:
  1. Wikimedia Australia meta.wikimedia.org
  2. Wikimedia Indonesia meta.wikimedia.org
  3. 위키미디어 한국 meta.wikimedia.org
  4. Philippine Wikimedia Community User Group meta.wikimedia.org
  5. Wikimedia Community User Group Malaysia meta.wikimedia.org
  6. Vietnam Wikimedians User Group meta.wikimedia.org
  7. Wikimedia User Group of Aotearoa New Zealand meta.wikimedia.org
  8. Myanmar Wikimedia Community User Group meta.wikimedia.org
  9. Paiwan Wikimedians User Group meta.wikimedia.org
  10. Wikimedia Community User Group Hong Kong meta.wikimedia.org
  11. Wikimedia Taiwan meta.wikimedia.org
  12. Wikimedia Thailand meta.wikimedia.org
  13. Wiki Advocates Philippines User Group meta.wikimedia.org
  • Affiliates intending to participate in the voting processes may nominate a candidate from their membership; to represent their chapter or user group in the Preparatory Council.
  • Each Affiliate may vote up to a maximum of 4 candidates to the Preparatory Council. All votes of any affiliate will be nullified if the affiliate voted for more than 4 candidates.
  • Each chapter or user group can only vote for one candidate once.
  • An Affiliate may abstain from voting; or may vote for less than the maximum number of 4 votes.
  • Voting twice by an Affiliate for the same candidate will nullify its entire cast of votes.

Timeline for Affiliate Seats[edit]

Voting methods for Affiliate Seats[edit]

Community process for Community Seats[edit]

  • The votes for Community seats will be exclusive to the ESEAP-verifed Communities themselves.
  • Communities must have a Wikimedia Meta presence or Wikimedia Project Page (not proposal, but active) older than 12 months in order to qualify in the voting and nominating process for the 3 available seats in the Prepatory Council.
  • Otherwise, the Community that intends to participate must be endorsed by an ESEAP Affiliate. Note: an Affiliate can endorse only one (1) Community from their country/region.
  • A Community intending to nominate a candidate to the Council must be their member in good standing.
  • Each Community that can vote may vote for a maximum of 3 candidates; one of these candidates may include their own.
  • A Community voting twice for the same candidate will nullify their entire cast of votes.

Timeline for 3 Community seats[edit]

Voting for Community Seats[edit]

Voting guidelines[edit]

  • Each ESEAP community can cast at most 3 votes and at most 1 vote to each nominee.
  • Votes representing Wikimedia projects must be casted by an admin of the Wikimedia project, with a link to the discussion within the project.
  • Other votes representing communities must be casted by a leading member of the community, with a link to the discussion within the community.
  • Communities that have a Wikimedia Meta presence or active Wikimedia Project Page less than 12 months must obtain an endorsement from an ESEAP Affiliate before the end of voting period to vote. Each ESEAP Affiliate can endorse at most 1 community. If the affiliate have endorsed for the nomination process, the endorsement continues to the voting stage.
  • A Community voting twice for the same candidate will nullify their entire cast of votes.

Individual Process for Individual Seats[edit]

  • The votes for Individual seats will be exclusive to individuals of ESEAP in good standing.
  • Individuals eligible for seats nomination must fulfill these minimum criteria:
    • At least having an autopatrolled status in English Wikipedia, or
    • Being an admin in any Wikimedia project (of any ESEAP language), or
    • Holding any position in Wikimedia global committees/teams.

Timeline for 2 Individual seats[edit]

Voting methods for Individual Seats[edit]

Voting guidelines for Individual Seats[edit]

  • Each individual can cast at most 2 votes and at most 1 vote to each nominee.
  • Please refer to these criteria for who can vote.
  • Any individual voting twice for the same candidate will nullify their entire cast of votes.

Process Oversight Sub-Committee for the Election[edit]

Results confirmation[edit]

  • All results will be announced on 10 September.