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EU policy/Big Fat Brussels Meeting - Episode 3

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The Big 5

This year we are meeting up to "translate" Wikimedia Foundation's Big 5 into a EU policy masterplan.
We will also work on how to best integrate national and EU level campaigns.
20-21 November 2015, Brussels

Previous Editions[edit]

Big Fat Brussels Meeting - Volume 2

Hard at work.

The inaugural Big Fat Brussels Meeting


Focus - Day 1 After a number of initiatives within the Wikimedia movement to define global advocacy goals, a structured process was started about a year ago. WMF Legal proposed a number of policy areas of concern. These were then discussed at the Wikimedia Conference in Berlin and Wikimania in Mexico City. The result was a public policy portal. The goal for the first day will be to "translate" these Big 5 goals into EU policy aims and priorities.

Focus - Day 2 The European Parliament has seen our first campaign targeted directly at its members. Simultaneously, public policy campaigns in France, Italy, Latvia and Estonia are taking place. Exchanging knowledge quickly between Member States and Brussels is pivotal to working successfully, especially with the Council. How can we best use our EU-wide network of chapters and activists as a competitive advantage? How to share learnings and materials? Can we coordinate purely national campaigns to maximise results? The goal will be to come up with a step-by-step guide to public policy campaigns that lets communities know how they should proceed and who to get in touch with.


WTC I, 25th floor (next to Gare du Nord/Noordstation)

You should definitely come if:[edit]

  • You want to see more Free Knowledge aspects in new legislation
  • You are already working on public policy
  • You are interested in working on public policy
  • You enjoy sharing experiences and know-how
  • You want to advise Wikimedia on how to better advocate for Free Knowledge


European Wikimedians meet around the EU policy theme on 20 November 2015

Please add your name here if you are going to participate and a preferred method of contacting you if not known to Dimi (i.e. email, user talk page):

Draft Schedule[edit]

Friday - 20 November

The Big 5 - A Free Knowledge masterplan for Europe
12:00 Walk-in, coffee (croissants, bananas)
12:15 Welcome words, organisational details
12:30 A little bit of history: What are the Big 5 and how did we get here?
13:00 Policies on Access (global, EU, national, active/passive, concrete goals)
13:45 Policies on Copyright (global, EU, national, active/passive, concrete goals)
14:30 Policies on Censorship (global, EU, national, active/passive, concrete goals)
15:15 Break
15:45 Policies on Intermediary Liability (global, EU, national, active/passive, concrete goals)
16:30 Policies on Privacy (global, EU, national, active/passive, concrete goals)
17:15 Open Space for questions that came up during the day.
18:00 End of Day 1
evening #npbbxl - Net Politics Beer Brussels

Saturday - 21 November

Ping-Pong: Working simultaneously in Brussels and the Member States
10:00 Walk-in, coffee (croissants, bananas)
10:30 Update from Brussels - The aftermath of #saveFoP
11:00 Mapping Wikimedia in Europe: What's going on in each country? Campaigns? Issues? Partners?
12:15 Wikimedia Movement advocacy organisation
12:30 Hangout with WMF
13:15 lunch break
14:15 How to set up a national working group? & Drafting a step-by-step guide: Step-by-step campaigning for Wikimedians
15:00 Improving information sharing between Brussels and national initiatives.
15:30 Open Space for questions that came up during the day.
16:00 Conclusion, open end (depending on travelling times)

Expected preparation[edit]

Desired outputs[edit]

  • EU priorities on Big 5
  • Strategic decisions on active/passive involvement with Big 5
  • Draft guide to running a national campaign
  • Draft guide to setting up a national working group

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