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EU policy/Discussions

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This page is intended to host discussions surrounding the EU Policy initiative. This includes discussions about the project itself and about the possible policy positions.

EU Policy Group[edit]

Put your name here if you want to take part in the discussions about how to organise ourselves in order to achieve our goals. Also remember that this is wiki, so you're more than welcome to edit this page and add new discussion topics.


The European Commission has opened a public consultation on Intellectual and Property Rights:

This technical survey aims at gathering specific information on the efficiency of proceedings and accessibility of measures used in the context of civil enforcement of intellectual property rights. These data will enable Commission to conduct a comprehensive assessment of the functionality of civil enforcement systems put in place in the Member States in order to improve the situation of all the actors active in the innovative sectors of European economy.

Deadline is 30.03.2013.

public consultation on the efficiency of proceedings and accessibility of measures

  • Should something be submitted?
  • If yes, what and how should it be argumented?
  • Who should submit it?