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During the second half of 2016, the FKAGEU will award two scholarships for WEASELs to visit Brussels for a week and work alongside Dimi to learn how Wikimedia conducts its EU advocacy and to meet decision-makers from their country.


We have two scholarships worth €400 each. This should cover the flight, a modest accommodation and a small daily allowance. For about one week (exact details to be negotiated later) the Visiting WEASEL will work alongside Dimi, attend events in the European Parliament and, as a priority, meet MEPs from her/his country to pitch Wikimedia's public policy goals.

Timeframe and agenda[edit]

The Visiting WEASELs are expected to spend a week in Brussels in sometime between now and summer 2017. The exact week of during which the WEASEL will be in Brussels is flexible and is to be agreed upon between Dimi and the participant.

Background: We are expecting the European Commission to present its copyright reform proposal end of September. This means that from October until December/January it is a good time to establish first contacts with decision-makers and to start explaining what Wikimedia supports or needs changed in the Commission proposal.


  • Help Wikimedia's EU policy initiative by promoting its public policy goals in Brussels
  • Improving Wikimedia's Brussels image by demonstrating that we're a above all network of volunteers
  • Widening Wikimedia's EU network
  • Developing regional/national communities' public policy skills

Who can participate[edit]

We encourage everyone who is interested to contact us! We're open to all European countries and thus not limited to the EU. Still, in case of more applications than scholarships, preference might be given to volunteers from EU members states that are strategically important to achieve majorities in the European Parliament and the Council. We are working to secure extra funding in the future to allow more interested volunteers to participate.

Pilot Visiting WEASEL[edit]

User:Nemo bis taking the obligatory photo with Wendy.

In April 2015 Federico Leva was the first Visiting WEASEL to come to Brussels on a scholarship and reach out to his country's MEPs. This first attempt proved to be effective, which is why we're extending the programme.

How to signal my interest[edit]

Email! :) Just drop Dimi a line at