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Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU

Freedom of Panorama


Are my Snapshots Illegal?[edit]

As a community we would like the Freedom of Panorama exception to copyright to be unrestrictedly valid across the EU. If you can take a photo of something from the street, this photo should be freely usable. As this is currently not the case and its regulation is in the hands of the European Union, we are calling for universal, European-level FoP legislation.

Task Force[edit]

We are currently looking for volunteers to make up the FoP task force which will analyse the current legal and political situation and come up with a plan full of concrete actions how introduce Freedom of Panorama universally. If you are passionate about freeing up architecture and public art for Wikipedia and the whole world, please join this group by signing below. You don't necessarily need much time or special skills, all you need is motivation! Tasks and next steps will be agreed upon once a project lead is found.


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