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Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU

IPRED Consultation


The European Commission has launched its Public consultation on the evaluation and modernisation of the legal framework for the enforcement of intellectual property rights (IPR). This is the Wikimedia working page to draft answers.

Who should submit answers to the Commission?[edit]

Movement entities and individuals are welcome to submit own sets of answers, but are kindly asked to assure non-contradictory replies across the movement. During the "Copyright Consultation" numerous Wikimedia chapters and the WMF submitted parallel answers. This did not lead to any meaningful impact, so it shouldn't be a priority. During the "Platforms Consultation" the FKAGEU submitted "civil society/users" category answers while the WMF sent out a registered letter to the commission explaining the importance of liability protection to Wikimedia.

Organisational details[edit]

Idea behind consultation[edit]

In the past decade, all Commission proposals in this area failed, see IPRED2. This is the second consultation touching upon IPR in a very short time. This shows either lack of coordination or lack of sufficient political will for reform on the side of the Commission. Wikimedia did participate in the Platforms Consultation. Our answering tactics must be coherent with the responses given there. Most crucially, will defend liability protection for online intermediaries.

Important deadlines[edit]

We have until 15 April to submit our responses.

Previous Relevant EU positioning by Wikimedia[edit]


Draft answers on the EUSurvey portal (civil society set)
Everyone can join editing, but please make yourself known here, so we know who to coordinate with.