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Free Knowledge Advocacy Group EU

Orphan Works


Lost Works?[edit]

Orphan works refers to all creative material normally covered by copyright whose authors are not known. Due to legal uncertainties about their use, these works end up being forgotten. In an effort originally intended to open them up to public use, the EU adopted a directive on such materials that not only didn't effectively free them, but arguably paved the way to regulations prohibiting their use. further reading

Task Force[edit]

We are currently looking for volunteers to make up the Orphan Works task force which will analyse the current legal and political situation, debate what is desirable to our community and come up with concrete steps of action how to remedy the current issues. If you are passionate about freeing up works for Wikipedia and the whole world, please join this group by signing below. You don't necessarily need much time or special skills, all you need is motivation! Tasks and next steps will be agreed upon once a project lead is found.


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