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EduWiki Week 2022/Submissions/WikiFundi 101

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Session details[edit]

  • Title of the session:WikiFundi 101
  • Summary of the session:

WikiFundi is an open source software that provides an off-line editing environment that mimics the Wikipedia on-line environment. It allows for teaching and content creation when technology fails, access does not exist or is too expensive, and electricity is unreliable. With WikiFundi, individuals, groups and communities can learn how to create and improve articles on a wiki, and can work collaboratively to build articles and other content. WikiFundi has been designed to facilitate three distinct sectors. The number 1 is the Education sector, where it can be used as a tool for schools and education programmes to teach how to read and analyse Wikipedia or Vikidia articles, or to teach how to create and contribute, transferring digital and academic skills. Resources are included in the package to assist students and teachers.
We just released a new version, available in French, English and Spanish.
The session will provide you with the essentials to know what WikiFundi is, and elements in case you consider using WikiFundi in your Education Program.

  • Outcome of the session:
    • Better knowledge of an offline tool, including differences with Kiwix
    • Usecases in Education, with examples
    • Resources available, practical info (download, install etc.)
  • Language: English



Interested attendees[edit]

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