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EduWiki Network[edit]

“EduWiki Network” is a term we are proposing as a label for our community. meaning the people around the world who organize, lead, or participate in Wikimedia education activities. We hope that establishing the already used term “EduWiki” as a formal identity will act as a catalyst in strengthening a shared identity built on foundational goals and values. As a global network, we foster opportunities to expand professional connections and knowledge-sharing. All are invited to be part of the “EduWiki Network” including Wikimedia movement organizers, Wikipedia & Education UG, students, Affiliate staff, teachers, educational institutions, EdTech, Allied organizations (like Creative Commons, Open Education Global, UNESCO, etc.), EdTech Organizations, researchers in the Open Education sectors and others.

We will welcome anyone who shares our goal and supports our values to be a part of this network.

Together we will
  • Learn from each other, support each other, and strengthen our network.
  • Identify focus areas and long-term goals for advocacy and policy-making.
  • Advocate the value of free knowledge in education
  • Build capacity in our community, educational institutions, and other actors in the education sector.


  • If you want to share your stories, and opportunities and request for help, write to education mailing list.
  • If you need help from the education team at the Wikimedia Foundation, or want to reach out to education contact in other countries, write to us education(_AT_)
  • If you want to engage with the education community on Facebook, Join the Wikipedia & Education group.
  • If you want to get updated about Wikimedia and Education stories:
  • If you want to share your success, learnings and opportunities with other Wikimedia, you can contribute to the Wikimedia Education Newsletter, you can also subscribe to it on your talk page!

EduWiki Affiliates Meeting[edit]

EduWiki Live[edit]

EduWiki Week[edit]

EduWiki Outreach Collaborators[edit]

Regional EduWiki Meetings[edit]

Engage with us in community support[edit]

  • Wikipedia & Education User group
  • EduWiki Outreach Collaborators

EduWiki Outreach Collaborators (EWOC) program is an effort to collaborate with the emerging leaders from the Wikimedia education community.

This group is a shared-learning group with a diverse number of participants from different regions of the world, they learn from each other's experiences, challenges, and find solutions on how to support our work.