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The school wiki-project ran by a 15 years old Polish student

Summary: The project Ziemia Tarnowska w Wikipedii (en: Tarnów Land on Wikipedia), took place in March-May 2022 at the Integrated Primary School in Tarnów. Project activities included a coordinator and 14 participants (11-15 years old) writing and expanding a total of 18 articles, some of which were published in the main Wikipedia space by June 15, 2022. The project was created by one of the students and Wikipedian editors & admins Kacper Szymański aka user: Jamnik z Tarnowa!
Participants of the event.
Social Media channels or hashtags: #wikimediapolska #wikiszkoła #wikischool

Kacper is the youngest admin of the Polish Wikipedia, and he is involved in many projects and tasks within the community. He is a great asset to the many teams of Wikimedia Poland. Kacper Szymański, the coordinator of the project, gathered the group of his fellow students, who – in case they were struggling with grammar, style or getting reliable sources – were then supported by their teachers. Over the course of the project, Kacper ran a few workshops for the group, explaining the rules of Wikipedia and Wikimedia Commons. The group also went on a photo-walk.

The partner of the campaign and the founder of the awards was the Wikimedia Polska Association.

As a part of the project, prizes were awarded to participants who have been particularly successful in writing articles on the Polish-language Wikipedia, or who have published good-quality photos in the Wikimedia Commons media library.