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Tyap Wikipedia Goes Live!

Author: Kambai Akau
Summary: The journey to gain an approval for the Tyap Wikipedia had been a fairly long and moderately consistent one, beginning from the last part of 2020 all the way to the month of May 2022, when the site finally attained a "Live" status.
Logo for the Tyap Wikipedia.
Social Media channels or hashtags: wukipediantyap #tyapwikipedia #TyapWMUG, and Wukipedia nTyap Telegram group
L-R: Zwandien Bobai, Stephen Kalad Jonathan and Kambai Akau

It all started on December 03, 2020, when I submitted a request for a new language on Meta-Wiki. After recruiting new editors to join the project, we created/translated over 400 Wikipedia articles, many created during the A Hatch-Tyap-Wikipedia In-person Training Event and A Hatch-Tyap-Wikipedia In-Person Training Event 2 (Kaduna Special Edition), organized to recruit editors and add articles to the test project in the Incubator.

Before then, about 500 "Most Important" MediaWiki messages were translated on Translatewiki and the test project (Wp/kcg) site was kept active in the Incubator with over three editors editing monthly for at least seven months on a stretch. With this editing momentum sustained, we got to know that our website has been approved, thus, now live!

From the time of application on Meta-Wiki and setting up of the test project site on Wikimedia Incubator in December 2020; to the inclusion of Tyap on Translatewiki and translation of the "most important" MediaWiki messages; to the hosting of our two in-person training events in October 2021 and January 2022, respectively, and the request for unblocking of IP addresses of participants during the events and requesting for global blocking exemption for me and Zwandien Bobai, one of my two colleagues; to the requesting for the approval of the Tyap Wikipedia in January 2022; Amir Aharoni had been like a guardian angel, selflessly lending his helpful hands and advice to me and the Tyap editing community at all times. Jon Harald Søby had also been a good friend doing what he's best at to ensure that square pegs fit into square holes. Many other Wikimedians known and unknown to me did what they are good at to make it happen. Of course, credit must be accrued to whosoever deserves it. They deserve it!

The proposal for the creation of Tyap Wikipedia was approved on April 01, 2022. The site was, however, created on May 16, 2022.