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Education/News/November 2021/Celebrating Sq Wikipedia Birthday with the Vasil Kamami High School students

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Celebrating Sq Wikipedia Birthday with the Vasil Kamami High School students

Author: Vyolltsa (talk)

Summary: With the approaching of Sq Wikipedia Birthday, Wikimedians of the Albanian User Group planned to organize it with the Vasil Kamami High School students in Elbasan, Albania. This event took place on October 14th, and ten senior students and two biology teachers participated in the training session.

When we first discussed the event with Anjeza Cerri, Vasil Kamami High School's principal, we decided to organize the event based on the biology-themed articles. The biology teachers, Marsela Allushi and Violeta Avllazagaj would be present in the activity. During the training session, students learned very much about Wikipedia and its philosophy, how to create accounts on Wikipedia, and started to do their first edits on different zoo animals articles.

To celebrate the Sq Wikipedia's Birthday with the students, we used the Skopje zoo animals articles to be edited in the Albanian language for students to appreciate ways and possibilities to develop their skills regarding the researching process, text analysis, computer skills, and so on.

By the end of the event, our group and the biology teachers considered giving students time to work independently and decided to meet online to further discuss their editing works.

Moreover, everyone reflected on the benefits of editing Wikipedia articles and wanted to keep up the excellent work they did in class. This event served to create the Wiki Club with this high school.

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