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Welcome to Meta!

Author: Nichole Saad

Summary: "This Month in Education" moves from Outreach to Meta

Social Media channels or hashtags: EduWiki

This month Meta-Wiki turns 20 years old, and in our humble opinion it's getting the best birthday present ever ― the "This Month in Education Newsletter!"

"This Month in Education" has been in publication in various forms since 2012! In that time, we've seen stories about how our Wikimedia projects are being used to support education all around the world. Over the next few months, we'll be moving those archives over to Meta as well, so you can take a look back at the history of Wikimedia in Education, while you think about what to share in next month's edition!

You may be wondering why we're supporting this move. The Movement Communications team recently completed research to better understand movement communication needs. One thing we learned is that people often have trouble finding the information they need and feel overloaded with options. After consulting the EWOC volunteers, the EduWiki Affiliates network, and other key newsletter contributors, the Education Team decided to support moving the newsletter from Outreach to Meta. This migration will help bring about better visibility and participation with the wider Wikimedia community and beyond. A place where contributors can be better seen, engaged and supported – and in more languages than before.

Given that we want our community to be an open space for all people who are interested in Wikimedia & Education, moving the newsletter from Outreach to Meta is one way to improve inclusiveness and accessibility.

If you are subscribed to the newsletter, nothing will change for you, you will still get it delivered to your talk page. We will still share the newsletter each month in the mailing list, and we will also begin sharing newsletter highlights on Diff.  

Now let's talk a little bit more about who should write for the newsletter and what types of news you can share. This newsletter is meant to focus on news relating to Wikimedia in education. Here are just some examples of the types of news you can share:

  • Successes and highlights from your community's Edu Wiki activities
  • Challenges you faced and what you learned from them
  • Highlight a colleague’s most impactful EduWiki work
  • Create a list of #wikilove to your colleagues/organization partners/wiki friends!

Let's curate this publication into an inclusive and representative snapshot of EduWiki activities from all around the world. We need your help! If you ever have questions about what you should write or how to get started, reach out to education (a) or schedule a 1:1 with Sailesh through Calendly.