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This is a draft of ELiSo's report for 2014. Please, don't translate it.


  • In March 2014, KuboF attended Junulara Esperanto-Renkontiĝo 2014 and performed an unplanned personal training for 2 Wikipedians. Organisation E@I donated couple of textbooks about editing Wikipedia and DVDs i.a. with full off-line copy of Esperanto Wikipedia. (Hungary)
  • In April 2014, Blahma and KuboF attended Wikimedia Conference 2014 as representatives of Esperanto kaj Libera Scio. (Germany)
  • In July 2014 Venca24 and KuboF participated Summer Esperanto-Study where they leaded speaks about Wikimedia movements and Wikipedia training. (Slovakia)
  • In August 2014, three members of the group met in London at Wikimania. They discussed i.a. Wikimedia related program parts at the upcoming Esperanto World Congress in Lille, 2015. (United Kingdom)
  • In September 2014 KuboF attended cultural meeting Arkones in Poznań and made a speak about technical and organisational news in Wikimedia world. Contact with maintainer of official list of Zamenhof-Esperanto objects was established (for planed international photo contest). (Poland)
  • In September 2014 KuboF helped to non-profit NGO E@I about preparing for Wikimedia-oriented European Voluntary Servise request. (Slovakia)
    • The request succeeded - 2 volunteers are going to be provided for 1 year Wikimedia-related work.
  • In October KuboF made a per-request wiki training for new E@I's volunteers from European Voluntary Servise. (Slovakia)
  • In October 2014 KuboF and Petro attended Czech Esperanto Conference and made preliminary agreement about QRpedia in Esperanto Museum in Svitavy and presented using of Wikisource and Wikimedia Commons for digitalisation of old books and photos. Also small personal tutoring about copyrights on Wikipedia was done. (Czech Republic)
  • Blahma, Venca24, Mirmal and other Esperantists took part in the 6th Czech Wikiconference on 29 November 2014.
  • In November 2014 couple of participants made some activity during Conference on the Application of Esperanto in Science and Technology (KAEST) in Modra-Harmónia, Slovakia.
    • An off-line, DVD, version of Esperanto Wikipedia was prepared for the hosting organisation Education@Internet. The version reflects the state of Esperanto Wikipedia as of 27th of October 2014 with 204,259 articles. The DVD image is available for download on ELiSo modified the version provided be Kiwix team to fit for publishing for Esperanto conference and arranged permission for trademarks.
    • Some participants made regular speaks during the conference. On invitation from World Esperanto Association some participants leaded parts of its Seminar About Activist Maturation 6 (SPAMO/AMO-6) about using wiki and Internet technologies to preserve Esperanto culture with emphasis to libre culture. (poste aldoni ligilojn al prezentodosieroj kaj videoregistraĵoj)
    • Venca24 was interviewed by newly established Esperanto podcast kern.punkto about Wikidata. (The episode)
  • In December 2014, KuboF and Venca24 made Wikipedia training during a youth Esperanto meeting Junulara E-Semajno 2014/2015. (Germany)

General state[edit]

The 2013's one-year recognition as a Wikimedia User Group expired on the 30th of April 2014. In that time we had prepared activity report and asked for renewal of recognition. On request of Affiliation Committee we answered additional questions and added financial report. In October 2014 was our Wikimedia User Group status renewed for indefinite time.

Financial situation[edit]

Many activities done by ELiSo's activists was paid from their personal resources or done during Wikimedia or Esperanto event, which the activists would attend in all cases. Some activity (as speak in Poznań) was reimbursed by respective national Wikimedia chapter.