European multilingual thesaurus on health promotion

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The European multilingual thesaurus on health promotion is a thesaurus hosted on This is a product of international co-operation and financed by the European Commision. The thesaurus is available in twelve languages: Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Greek, Italian, Norwegian, Portuguese, Spanish and Swedish.

The aim of the thesaurus is to improve the communication and the collaboration in the field of health promotion and health education at the European level through stimulation of a common, uniform way of retrieval of terms and concepts.

GerardM has received an e-mail by the project manager Mrs Laura Dorst. In it she states that we may use the content of the thesaurus on our site. Also, there are currently no plans of updating the list to include the words of the new EU nations.

Uploading to wiktionary[edit]

We have produced the logic to produce a textfile that can be used to upload with the Pywikibot bot the words and their translations to wiktionary. The tricky bit is to include the relations to other words with it. An issue is that the data does not conform to wiktionary standards (any and all). Important is the realisation that this is like GEMET an important bit of work ..

Problematic is that this thesaurus does NOT have meanings for the word, many terms are used in other contexts but, you want to include the medical aspect within that word. So probably a separate section for the thesaurus is called for.