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Online editing contest[edit]

The online editing contest on World War I and the time period 1914-1918 in Norway ran from 29 May to 18 June. To help inspire participating in the contest User:Profoss made a list of articles missing and a list of ships sunk in the current Norwegian economical sector during the battle of Jutland:

Outcome: 29 new or improved articles, 504 sources added, 392 kB added.

Examples of articles created[edit]

Belgian guns in action during the defense of Antwerp, 1914 Beleiringen av Antwerpen on Norwegian bokmål Wikipedia / Siege of Antwerp (1914)

James Alfred Ewing, a Scottish physicist and engineer James Alfred Ewing 1855–1935, on Norwegian bokmål Wikipedia

German-English-French-Russian map of the sea war Færøyene under første verdenskrig, on Norwegian bokmål Wikipedia / Faroe Islands during World war I

Map of the military alliances in the year 1914 Noreg under fyrste verdskrig, on Norwegian nynorsk Wikipedia / Norway during World War I

The Cenotaph on Whitehall, London, in November 2004 (with wreaths laid down on Remembrance Day) Remembrance Day, on Norwegian bokmål Wikipedia

Old projects[edit]