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Images added to Wikimedia Commons from 1914-1918[edit]

  • 121 images of merchant ships in the beginning of Word War II, many of these merchant ships also sailed during World War I. Donated from The National Archive.
  • 54 images from the The Bodil Biørn collection. Bodil Biørn (1871–1960) was born in Kragerø, Norway. In 1905, after studying nursing in Germany, she was sent by "Women Missionary Organization" to the Ottoman Empire and worked as a missionary nurse in Mezereh, Kharberd province and later in Mush, Ottoman Empire. She was a witness to the Armenian Genocide, and along with her colleagues she saved the lives of many homeless women and children. She also documented the tragic events she witnessed through her testimonial diary and her photography. 54 of about 300 of her images have been digitalized and donated from The National Archive. The National Archive, Wikimedia Norge and Wikimedia Armenia are planning a project, inspired by the Europeana 1914-1918 challenge, to:
    • digitalize the remaining images in the Bodil Biørn collection and upload them to Wikimedia Commons
    • transcribe Biørn's handwritten text In Norwegian, translate the texts first to English and then to Armenian. Publish all translations on Commons.
  • 4406 images The Narve Skarpmoen collection. Narve Skaprmoen (1868–1930) was a Norwegian photographer who was based in Kristiania (Oslo). He worked both as a press and nature photographer and was active in the folk music community. He also documented poverty in Kristiania and people living under squalid conditions.

Old projects[edit]

Images donated from The National Library

Images donated from The Directorate for Cultural Heritage