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What happens, if one is offered a stand at an event?
Firstly, you must take into consideration the costs of the exhibition booth, and the work time of those who will run the stand. You need to consider whether it will bring any value. In addition, you must think about the goal of the event and what you want the visit to achieve.
It is enough to simply turn up?
No, it is not. You must be clear about your plans and about which equipment you will need, such as how many plug sockets and Internet connections are necessary, how many tables and chairs and other items you need. Computer equipment should be insured in advance.
What material will I need?
The minimum is business cards with the Web address on them so that people can remember the site when they get home. Even at the smallest events, you should have, at a minimum, posters and the projects' logos displayed at your stand. You should also consider printing promotional leaflets. On Marketing you can find a list of stuff others created for such events. See also Events/Checklist.
How do I behave at the event?
You must have people to remain at the stand and answer queries. You need to attract people to the stand. Some try this with freebies such as pens or other one "give aways", others with "Events". You need to actively address the people there. Sitting down with a laptop will not be enough! One of the most interesting ways of presenting the projects to visitors is to give them the possibility to edit pages and make changes since the project will be new to many.
Are there any other guides to running a stand?
See the Debian checklist for a booth.