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The Events calendar is a common calendar, that can be used by anyone to share events having some connection with the Wikimedia movement. The central calendar, displayed on Events calendar page, contains all the events, while each project page can display its own calendar, through a filter system.

How to use it[edit]

First of all, unlock extended features[edit]

The event calendar can be viewed and used directly by anybody, connected or not, but its functionalities are limited to static features described in the template's documentation. To unlock more interactive abilities such as to navigate between months, to dynamically change the view or filter the events, and to easily manage events (add new ones, edit or delete existing ones), you will have to copy-paste these two lines in your common.js:

importScript( 'User:Putnik/Events-calendar-editor.js' );
importScript( 'User:Putnik/Events-calendar-navigation.js' );

Add new events[edit]

When you have activated the extended features (see above), a button will appear under each calendar allowing you to add a new event.

If your country or city is missing, you should add them in Events calendar/parameters.json. The same procedure applies if you would like to use a new tag.

ICalendar export of events[edit]

It is possible to export a set of events in the iCalendar file format by creating a page containing only {{Events calendar|display=ical}} (you can add filters to it, see the template documentation). Then, call in your calendar manager the url https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/MY_EXPORT_PAGE?action=raw&templates=expand.

To get all events, this is already set, you can use this url: https://meta.wikimedia.org/wiki/Events_calendar/ICalendar?action=raw&templates=expand.

Use it on another page[edit]

The events calendar can be used on any other pages, with location or tag filters enabled. For example, it can be used to display all events of a given user-group, taking place in a city or linked with a given subject. For more information about those possibilities, please read the documentation of Events calendar template.

How it works[edit]

See the documentation on Template:Events calendar.

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