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A wiki for students going abroad to study, since we know there are a lot, and all the required information is (for some reason) hard to find and in some cases out-dated. We first thought that this idea should be actualized by the University of Tampere, but we came up with various difficulties. Then we started to wonder whether you would be interested in making this happen for real, since the platform is already available here...(branches like TravelWiki etc)...

The things included in this wiki (which are currently not available in other wikis) would be the details about the schools, courses, travel stories by students, free-time options, places to live in, costs, experiences, advice...all sorts of things that are related to studying abroad. And all this from exchange students to exchange students. ExchangeWiki would thus serve as a valuable forum in providing experience-based knowledge.

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Alternative names[edit]

  • Exchangewiki
  • WikiExchange
  • WikiXChange

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People interested[edit]

  1. *tikris*
  2. AinoLikitalo
  3. hk13
  4. JaanaTyrmi
  5. AnneTörmä
  6. RiinaR
  7. Ahmed Fouad(the lord of programming)