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Wikimedia Foundation Executive Director Transition Team/2013/Timeline

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APRIL 2013
  • Transition Team launches its work. This will include determining roles and responsibilities; agreeing upon the high-level timeline; agreeing upon the recruiter; receiving and discussing the initial input from the C-team; reviewing and revising the job description. This work should be complete by the end of our meetings in Milan.
  • May 5: choice of search firm will be finalized
  • Recruiter retained and provided with list of key stakeholders.
  • Recruiter interviews key stakeholders, including transition team members, and writes Job Description correspondingly. Search launches. Job Description is posted, recruiter begins sourcing candidates via conversations with connectors including AB members, community members etc.
  • Blog post and other social media communications about the search and how to apply.
  • Recruiter develops process proposal: how many rounds of interviews, who participates, how feedback is gathered, how TT will make its decision, what the involvement of the remainder of the Board will be, what the involvement of community members will be, how the offer will be constructed, approved and presented, and the basics of on-boarding.
  • Sourcing continues.
  • Recruiter delivers mid-list of potential candidates; transition team gives feedback; recruiter sets up initial rounds of interviews with shortlisted candidates and also continues sourcing. Transition team meets with candidates. Round One interviews with Jan-Bart, Phoebe, Alice, Kat; Round Two conversations with Erik, Geoff and Gayle. Tasks assigned and completed, including further conversations as required. TT convenes several times for debriefs and discussion. Board update meeting; TT meeting; decision point.
  • TT decides to continue the search. Phase Two intended to be more focused, rooted in what we learned during Phase One.
  1. Rewrite position description to make it more targeted based on what we know now;
  2. Sue and Erik to generate with Lisa targeted connectors list;
  3. Sue to reach out directly to connectors (dinners/meetings) with support from Jimmy/Stu/SJ;
  4. Refresh interviewing process so it's more agile (two-person teams rather than "all Board" followed by "all staff"). Rolling interview schedule.
  • We of course don't know exactly how long it will take us to find the right candidate, so we will semi-arbitrarily say March.
    • Transition team conveys successful candidate to Board;
    • Offer made to successful candidate.
    • Offer accepted by successful candidate.
    • Onboarding begins.