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Grants:APG/FDC portal/Complaints regarding FDC recommendations to the board

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Recommendation complaints: 2012-2013 round 1

Recommendation complaints: 2012-2013 round 2

The process of making formal complaints to the Board representatives

If any entity has a complaint about the FDC’s recommendation, it should be submitted within seven days of the posting of the FDC recommendations, in accordance with the complaint process outlined in the Framework for the Creation and Initial Operation of the FDC.

  • The complaint should be in the form of a 500-or-fewer word summary directed to the two non-voting WMF Board representatives on the FDC.
  • The complaint should be submitted on-wiki, through the FDC portal page designated for this purpose.
  • These board representatives will present the complaint to the WMF Board at the same time it considers the FDC recommendation.
  • Formal complaints can be submitted only by the Board Chair of a funding-seeking entity.
  • Formal complaints must be filed within seven days of the submission of the FDC slate of recommendations to the WMF Board
  • Any planned or approved disbursements to the organization filing a complaint will be put on hold until the complaint is resolved.
  • If the WMF Board's consideration of the complaint results in an amendment of the FDC's recommendations (which is expected only in extraordinary circumstances), the WMF Board may choose to release extra funds from the WMF reserves to provide additional funds not allocated by the FDC's initial recommendation.
  • Other members of the WMF Board may participate in the investigation if approved by the Chair of the WMF Board.