Grants:APG/Feedback and continuous improvement of the FDC process/Cost–benefit survey

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FDC input survey[edit]


Results are compiled with the FDC process survey. See "Process Survey" page for details.


Overview and Purpose

The FDC staff will administer a cost-benefit survey to primary applicants after each funding cycle to gather:

  1. The costs (money and time) of the FDC process; and
  2. Suggestions for improving efficiency of the FDC process

To be administered at the end of each round of funding - that is, after the official board resolution has come out following the deliberations.

Target participants

Primary contact person at each applying entity (one per applicant to guard against redundancy)

Survey text[edit]


Dear <insert date> FDC round <1 or 2> applicant,

Thank you participating in the most recent round of funding proposals. As part of our effort to continuously improve the effectiveness and efficiency of the FDC process, we are soliciting feedback to understand their experience and perceptions. You should have received an invitation to participate in the broader FDC input process [insert link]. Please do fill this out and provide any input or suggestions about how the process can improve.

The purpose of this shorter, more targeted survey is to gain a sense of the financial and time-related cost of the FDC process to applicants. We are asking for one representative from each applying entity to develop an aggregate estimate of how much time and money their entity as a whole spent participating in the FDC process. This—combined with the financial and time-related costs incurred by the FDC, FDC staff, and other community members—will help us better understand the investment required by the FDC process to distribute funds.

1. How many hours did individuals in your entity spend participating in the FDC process (e.g., compiling the application, answering staff and community questions)? (numerical text box)

2. Not including paid staff time, how much money did your entity spend on work related to participating in the FDC process (e.g., external consultants, translation services)? (numerical text box)

3. If you have sought similar levels of funding from other sources (e.g., the Wikimedia Grants Program process, external funding requests), how did the total investment of staff time and money you spent on requesting funds through the FDC compare with the cost of raising the same amount of funds from other sources? (drop-down menu)

Significantly more
About the same
Not applicable – We have never sought a similar level of funds from other sources
If significantly more, please explain: (open text box)

4. What benefits did you experience as an applicant to the FDC? Please rate on a scale of 1–4 much you agree with the following statements about the most recent round of the FDC process: (1–4 range “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree” + “not enough information”)

a. The FDC process gave us greater clarity about our annual goals and plan
b. The FDC process gave greater transparency within our entity and members about our annual plan and budget
c. The FDC process resulted in a stronger annual plan with greater potential for impact
d. Other (open text box)

1a. Which best describes your entity's experience in <insert dates>?

- Received 50% or more of requested funds
- Received less than 50% of requested funds
- Did not receive funding
- Don't know / prefer not to answer

5. Please provide any additional thoughts or suggestions about how to increase the efficiency of the FDC process so that it is less time-intensive and costly (open text box)