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Welcome to the portal for Wikimedia Flow Funding Process

On 26 October 2012, the Wikimedia Foundation Grants Advisory Committee approved a USD 20,000 budget to test the Flow Funding Pilot, where Wikimedia volunteers will be entrusted with decision-making power to fund projects aligned with the Wikimedia movement's strategic goals.

WANT FUNDING? The flow funding process is a decentralized one. After reviewing your eligibility, you should directly contact a flow funding member in your area of interest. Flow funder's make all decisions on an individual basis and use this space to report broadly on approved projects.

This flow funding pilot ends on 31 July 2013, and recommendations after that date will not be eligible for funding.

» I want to become a flow funding member: How do I join?

» I want to comment on a funded project: How do I review funded projects?

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