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These are the initial Flow Funder candidates selected for the Pilot Project


Name Languages Location Time zone Affiliation Individual portal Areas of interest
Solstag pt-N, en-4, es-3, it-2, fr-1 São Paulo, Brazil Americas/São Paulo (UTC-3/2) Wikimedia Movement in Brazil
IbrahimPsy111 English USA Central Concordia College
Thuvack ts-N,en-4 Johannesburg, South Africa Pretoria (UTC/GMT +2 hours) Wikimedia ZA Chapter
Ilario it-N,en-4,fr-3,es-2,de-2 Lugano, Switzerland Berne (UTC/GMT +1 hours) Wikimedia CH
Lpagola es-N, en-3 Córdoba, Argentina UTC/GMT -3 Wikimedia Argentina
Kiril Simeonovski mk, sh-4, en-4, de-3, bg-3, ru-2 Skopje, Macedonia UTC +1 Wikimedia Macedonia
Ganesh Paudel ne-N, hi-4, en-4, sa-2, bh-2, new-1, Kathmandu, Nepal UTC +5:545 Wikimedia Nepal
West.andrew.g en-N, es-1 Philadelphia, PA, USA UTC -5 University of Pennsylvania, English Wikipedia On en.wp: [1] I am interested in funding projects that involve: (a) Wiki security, (b) traffic analytics, (c) machine learning, (d) tool development (especially pertaining to increased editor efficiency), (e) quantified wiki research, and (f) other efforts in the computer-science/HCI realms. I imagine funds in this space might be useful for computing resources, corpus tagging (e.g., MTurk), etc.
poupou de-N, en-3 Berlin, Germany UTC +1 German Wikipedia, Wikimedia Deutschland on de.wp: Flow Funding Übersicht
Isla en-N Cape Town, South Africa Pretoria (UTC/GMT +2 hours) WikiAfrica

Pilot Project coordinator[edit]

Name Languages Location Time zone Affiliation
Thomas Souza Buckup pt, en-4, fr-3, es-3, de-2 London, UK (UTC)