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January - March: Planning and Preparation[edit]

Market Research[edit]

  • Identify key non-profit organizations and community groups engaged in environmental conservation.
  • Collaborate with existing initiatives and leverage their expertise to enhance the impact of the photography projects.

Destination Selection[edit]

  • Align expedition locations with areas that could benefit from increased environmental awareness and conservation efforts.
  • Engage with local communities to ensure the expeditions contribute positively to the region's sustainability.


  • Forge partnerships with environmental NGOs, leveraging their expertise in conservation and community development.
  • Collaborate with local communities to create a sustainable model that benefits both nature and people.

Wiki Loves Earth Planning[edit]

  • Develop the Wiki Loves Earth contest with a focus on showcasing the beauty of nature and promoting environmental stewardship.
  • Seek partnerships with organizations aligned with the foto.wiki.br's mission.
  • Create a calendar of side activities for the contest.

Photo Walk Planning[edit]

  • Plan photo walks in April and September to not only engage photographers but also involve local communities in the appreciation of their natural surroundings.
  • Collaborate with local schools and organizations to promote environmental education through these walks.

Photography face-to-face course planning[edit]

  • Offer beginner and nature photography courses with a strong emphasis on sustainable practices and ethical photography.
  • Provide scholarships for the course to ensure accessibility to a diverse audience.

April - June: Logistics and Equipment[edit]

Logistical Arrangements[edit]

  • Ensure that expedition logistics prioritize minimal environmental impact.
  • Collaborate with local businesses for sustainable accommodations and minimize waste generation during expeditions.


  • Incorporate environmental education into team training sessions, emphasizing the importance of conservation.
  • Train guides to not only lead expeditions safely but also educate participants about the local ecosystems.
  • Educate expedition participants on the Leave No Trace principles and responsible photography.
  • Give the proper training of Wikimedia Environment to guarantee the best results from our photographers.

Photography Course 1[edit]

  • Launch the beginner's course, with a portion of the proceeds directed towards local environmental conservation projects.
  • Run a 10 people course in locus.
  • Include the resources of the course at Wikimedia Environment to reach a broader audience interested in learning photography practices.

May: Expedition 1[edit]

Kickoff Expedition[edit]

  • Create an online event to highlight the goals of the expedition.
  • Engage local communities in the expedition, fostering a sense of pride and ownership in their natural surroundings.

Exhibition Planning[edit]

  • Plan the photo exhibition to not only showcase winning photos of Wiki Loves Earth but also to educate visitors about the environmental challenges and solutions.
  • Collaborate with the cultural centers to maximize exhibition reach.

Photo Walk 1[edit]

  • Conduct the photo walk, involving local residents and photographers in capturing the beauty of their community.
  • Use the walk as an opportunity to discuss local environmental challenges and potential solutions.
  • Use also the walk to introduce people to the Wikimedia Envoriment, and Free Culture.

July - September: Marketing and Promotion[edit]

Create Marketing Materials[edit]

  • Develop marketing materials that emphasize the foto.wiki.br's mission and the positive impact of photography on conservation, and the free culture for Humanity.
  • Collaborate with environmental influencers to amplify the message and reach a wider audience.

Social Media Campaigns[edit]

  • Launch social media campaigns that promote expeditions and share educational content about the environment.
  • Encourage followers to participate in conservation efforts through photography actively.

Photography Course 2 (Nature Photography)[edit]

  • Launch the nature photography course in August, incorporating modules on conservation photography.
  • Collaborate with environmental educators to co-facilitate course sessions.
  • On-site photo course, for 3 people per instructor. 12 people maximum, 3 scholarships.

Photo Walk 2 Planning[edit]

  • Identify another scenic location for the September photo walk, considering the potential for community involvement in environmental projects.
  • Collaborate with local environmental organizations for increased impact.

October - December: Expedition Season[edit]

Logistical Arrangements[edit]

  • Continue to refine expedition logistics to minimize the carbon footprint and contribute positively to local communities.
  • Explore partnerships with local businesses for eco-friendly accommodations and services.

Expedition 2[edit]

  • Launch the second expedition, emphasizing community engagement and direct involvement in local conservation projects.
  • Document the positive outcomes of the expedition on both the environment and community well-being.

November: Photo Contest (endangered species)[edit]

  • Use the contest as a platform to raise awareness about Wikimedia Environment.
  • Create a new format for the photo contest at Wikimedia Enviroment.
  • Increase the number of photos of endangered species in Brazil at Wikimedia.

Judging and Prizes[edit]

  • Form a panel of judges with expertise in both photography and the listed species.
  • Allocate a portion of the contest proceeds to support community-based conservation initiatives.

Exhibition Planning[edit]

  • Plan the photo exhibition to not only celebrate the winners but also to showcase the impact of education on the environment.
  • Collaborate with local environmental organizations to co-host the exhibition.

Photo Walk 2[edit]

  • Organize the November photo walk, integrating it with a local environmental awareness campaign.
  • Encourage participants to actively engage in conservation activities during the walk.

Throughout the Year: Continuous Improvement[edit]

Feedback and Evaluation[edit]

  • Collect feedback after each expedition, photo contest, photo walk, and course, emphasizing the impact on environmental awareness and community engagement.
  • Use feedback to adapt and improve programs, ensuring a positive and sustainable impact.


  • Stay flexible and adapt programs based on evolving environmental challenges and community needs.
  • Collaborate with local stakeholders for ongoing feedback and improvement.

Community Building[edit]

  • Build a community around the foto.wiki.br's mission, involving participants in ongoing conservation projects.
  • Explore the establishment of community-led initiatives with long-term environmental benefits.

Exhibition Events[edit]

  • Host events around the photo exhibitions, including panel discussions on environmental challenges and potential solutions.
  • Encourage dialogue and collaboration between photographers, community members, and environmental experts.

Course Feedback[edit]

  • Gather feedback from participants in photography courses, with a focus on incorporating more content related to environmental ethics and conservation.
  • Consider expanding course offerings to include advanced topics in conservation photography.