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Founders Day Writing Contest Banner
Founders Day Writing Contest Banner
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Founders day is a day set aside to celebrate the anniversary of the establishment of a society or organization. It is celebrated all over the world within various institutions and countries. Since 2019, the 4th of August was declared as Founder's Day in Ghana. Founder's Day is a day meant to commemorate the pioneers and forefathers who led the way towards the independence of Ghana.

The Founders Day Ghana Writing Contest is an initiative of Open Foundation West Africa in collaboration with the Goethe Institute and the Wikimedia Foundation to commemorate the emancipation fight of the founders of this noble land earmarked for 4th August in Ghana. The theme for this year is "Decolonizing the internet through Founders Day Writing Contest."

Decolonizing The Internet

As part of improving content about Africa on the internet through the Founders Day Ghana Writing Contest, this aspect of the campaign is a layer to encourage editors to create and translate articles in local languages. This campaign focuses on bridging the unequal representation of voices from the Global South on the internet and aims at increasing Africa's content on the web through the creation and translation of articles in local languages.

To participate in the D.T.I contest, all you have to do is to either translate an existing article in English or French to a local language or create a new article by writing in your local language, ensuring that the article is a minimum of 1.5 kB (1500 characters) readable prose in total.

The Founders Day Ghana Writing Contest campaign makes a simple ask of all of us; to contribute an article about personalities and activities that led up to Ghana’s independence. It's an opportunity to share our country's rich culture and history, create visibility, and change the narrative about our history. We are dedicating the month of August to commemorate, celebrate and educate the populace about this day by encouraging the curation and creation of related content or articles on Wikipedia.

Join the contest and help 'Decolonize the Internet!'

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Do you want to join our campaign in 2022, check out our 2022 plan for Founders Day Ghana Writing Contest and other programs at OFWA