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This page in a nutshell: This is a tracking page for Wikimedia-community specific and usable suggestions for the 2017-18 WMF fundraiser campaign. Not to be confused with Talk:Fundraising principles.

Welcome everyone to the Fundraising Ideas page!

Here's what you can do:

  1. Take a look at our existing banners and suggest an iterative change. These are the easiest to test. Think about:
    • Changes in style
    • New sentences or changes to sentences
    • New layouts
  2. Suggest something bold! These are more difficult and will take time to test since they require more planning, time and resources
    • New payment methods
    • New banner functionality

Current Control Banners[edit]

These banners are our current best. They are what we test our ideas against.

(Large banners are shown only once per browser/per app)
  • Desktop Large Banner: link
  • Desktop Small Banner: link
  • Mobile Large Banner: link
  • Mobile Small Banner: link

Social Media Ideas[edit]

Fundraising and Comms are looking for suggestions for social media. We want to get people talking about the Wikimedia Projects, why it's important, the impact it has and something ultimately developed with community members. What ideas have you got?

We need your help: Story Ideas[edit]

We want to hear stories that represent why Wikipedia is important for you and the world.

Template to use

====Story Suggestion====
* '''Username:''' ~~~
* '''Interface Email Link:''' [ Email me here]
* '''Your story:'''

Submit your story:[edit]

Story Suggestion[edit]

  • Username: User:Seddon
  • Interface Email Link: Email me here
  • Your story: Wikipedia enabled me to understand my fathers illness. It helped me to come to terms with something in a way no doctor ever could

Story Suggestion[edit]

  • Username: Daniele Pugliesi (talk)
  • Interface Email Link: Email me here
  • Your story: The perfect encyclopaedia? Read, click, and write it... That's not magic: it's Wikipedia!

We need your help: Face Banners[edit]

Template to use

====Face Photo====
* '''Username:''' ~~~
* '''Interface Email Link:''' [ Email me here]
* '''My face on Commons link:''' [ My face on commons]

Suggest here:[edit]

Face Submission[edit]

Wikimedia Conference 2016 – Thursday & Friday – 24.jpg

Face photo[edit]

We need your help: Favourite Commons photos[edit]

Template to use

====Photo Suggestion====
* '''Username:''' ~~~
* '''Interface Email Link:''' [ Email me here]
* '''My favourite Commons image:''' [[File:Food_Polarization-Dierking.jpg|none|200px]]

Suggest here:[edit]

Photo Suggestion[edit]

Montreal night view.jpg

Photo Suggestion[edit]

New Ideas[edit]

Country/Language specific test ideas[edit]

Feedback: Ideas that are culturally specific to a country or a language

Wording of the banners/emails[edit]

Feedback: The language/text copy used in our appeals in both email and banners


Feedback: Cookies, payment flows, central notice, banner targeting


Feedback: Banner and Email design elements

Communication to community[edit]

Feedback: Community communication, involvement and engagement